Mission & Vision

Our Mission
    At Herbawi, we have always provided the needs & wants that exceed the expectations of individuals, communities & the hospitality industry, through innovation, creativity & value. We seek to reach an acceptable balance between sustainability, quality, performance & durability based upon the practical application of the most advanced technologies. We are continually innovating new solutions to improve our products and minimize their effect on the environment, maximizing the efficient use of all resources. Since 1978, our teamwork, systems & desire to continuously improve demonstrates a company whose passion is to continue the journey with full of loyalty, love, tolerance, and respect.
Our Vision
    Herbawi defends a sustainable development approach based on the respect of ethical, ecological & social responsibility. Herbawi bases its growth strategy on the flexibility of its structure, customization & quality according to the highest international standards & specifications. Always aiming at being leaders in the science of sleep, the largest producer & exporter, to help the world sleep better.